English Lesson 115

Assignment: Write a two to three page chapter for the book Little Men. Use the actual characters, personalities, and places from the book to create a potential chapter for later in the book.

It was another day for the Plumfield boys. It started off the same way. Lessons and then play.

“pssst Demi lets got to the big rock” Said Daisy.

“ok but remember what Mr. Bhear said (don’t be out late)”

Demi wanted to follow rules but daisy never really cared. Her heart was always running free and wiled. To her hearts content.

     “hey wait for me”! Said Tommy from a distance.

“ugg not tommy, he is always into trouble, Do we really have to let him go”? said Demi.

“well there isn’t much we can do now is there” said daisy.

When they got to the rock it was all fun in games. Ring around the rosie, throwing rocks, all sorts of childish fun.

“Hey Demi watch this”! Said tommy. He climbed up the big rock and jumped off. “Oh now are you okay tommy”? said Daisy

“Course I am fine! It is only somethings boys can do though”

‘Is not Tommy” Said Daisy.

“Oh yeah the prove it”!

Daisy taking all of her bravery slowly climbed up the rock, peeking behind her back. To her it seemed like climbing out of a canyon! So high up. As the got to the very top her stomach was twisted and she felt sick. But Daisy never let boys underestimate her! She jumped and felt like she was flying! Then the fear came. She lost her post and boom! Hit the ground.

“Daisy Are you ok? Tommy she isn’t moving”!

Tommy ran to get Mrs. Bhear who herself was frighten. Daisy was rushed to the doctor. The 2 boys felt so bad. They had no words for what they had done. However Demi her heartfelt brother felt it in his heart to blame Tommy. But it was no use. No matter who was blamed they felt as if they committed murder.

The next day came with no word of daisy yet. Mr.Bhear was very upset himself. Finally the telephone rang! The boys sneaked inside listening to the conversation:

“well is she ok”? said Mr.Bhear

All they heard was faint chatter. They couldn’t make it out. Soon he came and told the children she would be ok and coming home soon but wouldn’t be able to play for a long time.

When Daisy got home she wanted nothing to do with Demi or Tommy. Mrs. Bhear knew this and tried to soften her heart.

“You do know dear that Tommy might have hurt your pride but it was your choice to go on the rock” She said.

“Yes but my honor was at stake” Said daisy

‘Well you have to think, would it be better to do the smart sensible thing. And not go. Or defend your honor” Said Mrs. Bhear.

Daisy knew this to be true but still felt anger, being bedridden was not fun.

Demi when out into the Garden and picked some lovely flowers for her. This mad it easier for Daisy to realize it was her fault.

She soon spoke to them once more, telling them stories of what it was like flying in the air off the big rock.

“I am awfully sorry daisy” said Tommy.

“It is ok, It was my fault”.

The children became best friends again often talked together.

That was it for my assignment! Hope you liked it.

-Sawyer The Crafty Art Girl

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