8th Grade English lesson 1

Writing Assignment: Write a one page essay on the following topic:

Topic: What did you do on summer vacation?

     I finally moved into 8th grade! How exciting it feels. This summer was great. Oh excuse me I mean hot, But that is how summer is I suppose. My vacation was very nice. It all started with getting a calf, oh yes I got a calf! It is so much fun raising a calf, she has gotten much bigger now and is growing. She is a black beautiful cow and can be so funny. One time I was riding her, it felt nice outside and she was enjoying it. Before I knew Pip (our little dog) went up behind her and gave a bark that scared her. She went running so fast that I couldn’t hold on to her silky fur and I slid right off. Still sliding on the ground when she was still running. As much as I wanted to scold her I realized she probably wouldn’t understand a word I was saying.

     Yep my vacation was great my cat had kittens, and no sooner did I realize that Kittens can not only be hilarious but they can be little rascals. I suppose it isn’t their fault though. My cat caught 4 voles to feed to them. Oh boy was that fun trying to take it from her.

     After finally moving into our big house I have gotten into cooking more, I made a lemon cake for my dad’s birthday that I may add I am very proud of.  I never knew cooking could be so much fun. I love making food now, and I hope that it becomes a good hobby of mine. I especially like knowing that I can make good food. I’m so used to having good food from mom that when I make food I’m proud to amount up to her great cooking skills.

     With the hot weather came some windy days towards the end. I got to fly my old kite which of course broke after two days but I really enjoyed it.

     But my favorite thing out of all my summer was to climb on top of our shipping containers and feel the wind beneath my arms, I felt like I could let everything go and stand at amazement with God’s beautiful world. I was blessed to have a great vacation like this and look forward to many more.



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