8th Grade English lesson 2

     Writing Assignment: Write a one page essay on the following topic:

Topic: What is your favorite hobby or free-time activity?

     I have lots of hobbies but 1 would be hard. Like I have said in previous I love art. But taking care of animals probably fits better. I love helping animals. I always enjoy going outside for my free time and playing with them, especially since we have kittens. I will usually let my cow run around out of the pen, while she is grazing I love petting and brushing the goats. Giving the wormer or making sure they look good. I will try to see if they may be pregnant, or if they have skin problems. After that, I don’t do it much but I will bath Mooshe (the cow), which to my surprise she loves.

     I love giving our chickens snacks, like watermelon, scratch feed, or fun stuff. When I clean their nest boxes they immediately go to work making them in to perfect little nests that they like. I love it when they go broody and we get to hatch more eggs.

     The days here get much nicer now and way  more beautiful, so I get to spend more time with the animals. The long summer days are always miserable but when it gets cool I will gladly spend time with them, I love brushing them, giving them treats, and just petting them.

    As for Art I do love it, we have been so busy though I haven’t had time to make anything. So truly the animals have become a favorite hobby.

     I enjoy walks with the dogs, or leading the cow around. It is so much fun being in the country with all the animals. We have a pond that the ducks love! They will go swimming and have the best time. The funniest thing is when they would swim to the other side and I couldn’t get to them. Thankfully every day they came back to the coop.

     I have love having animals and am so thankful to have them! I hope you enjoyed this essay and will come back for more soon!



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