8th Grade English lesson 3

     Writing Assignment: Write a one page essay on the following topic:

Topic: What is your favorite (or least favorite) school subject?

     My favorite subject is History, before when I wasn’t doing RPC I didn’t really like it. But through the whole 3 yrs of it History has always been my favorite. It so interesting learning about our past and Mr. Fish always makes it interesting.

     It is most interesting because I get to do world tours about the places I learn about, I get to learn to stories behind them before learning the original story and it makes everything more understandable. From learning about the Mayans ,to learning about Martyrs who died for Christ. It makes it so inspiring.

      I get to learn about different peoples beliefs and why they believe that. Like the Egyptians and how they believe in the dead or Gods. I learn about the different God’s. But still learn the history behind our God and people who followed him.

     I learn about nations being turned to Christ by one man, then they get persecuted for believing in Christ.

     I am so excited about history this year! I get to learn about the founding of America and the people who fought for it. I get to learn about the French and Indian war. Along with so many others I get learn.

     The writing assignments always have something interesting. Some of them I might not like but I feel that I retain it much better filling out worksheets and writing essays. I know how important our history is and I want to learn all about it. Even when I feel like just skipping.

     The most exciting thing is not knowing what comes next, A new part of history around every corner. Things I never knew before. I love being able to tell people about it and what I’ve learned. They always seem so surprised.

     For some reason I felt like it was hard writing an essay like this, I know since History is my favorite I should have a lot to say, and I usually do. But I somehow managed. To conclude, even if you like history or not, It is a very important subject and learning it is all too important. I hope you enjoyed. I look forward to more. Keep learning your History!


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