8th Grade English lesson 4

Writing Assignment: Write a one page essay on the following topic:

Topic: What is the furthest you have ever been from home?

     The furthest I have ever been from home is Hawaii, I used to live there with my mom. I don’t remember much, it was beautiful. My whole family lived there. Uncles, Aunts, and Grandma. Everyone was living there and mom and I would fly over there to visit.

    I even remember she once bought me a necklace there that I still have to this day. It has dolphins, shells, and roses. I live wearing it everywhere.

     I do remember the beach though, I loved playing in the sand. I’m pretty sure I was around 4 yrs old though so I cant remember it all. My Grandma’s place was very pretty. The sunsets were always so pretty and I loved playing with my mom’s two little dogs Kooper and Tica.

     I loved hibiscus, I think that it why they are my favorite even now. I remember white ones were my favorite. Or maybe not? I’m cant be too sure. I just think they are super pretty.

     My Uncles were always super fun. They would always do silly things. Mom Showed me a Picture of me and my uncle working out. I lifted a plastic pvc pipe, While my uncle lifted heavy weights.

     I have however been to New York as well. And Maine so I think the farthest I have ever been from here was those two places but from here it is still Hawaii.

Like I said I have faint memories of  Hawaii and don’t know much. My Mom and dad got married there. I think it would be amazing to get married on a beach, It would be so beautiful.

     But when we weren’t in Hawaii we lived in a house by the lake. The lake house, I remember it very well. But mostly the face that I hated the scary long hallway’s and the dark rooms on the sides. But as a kid I’m sure everyone has something.

     Well that is the farthest I’ve ever been from home, I want to visit there again someday and see the beach again. I hope you liked it!



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