Hello everyone! Thanksgiving is coming so I have a fun little challenge for you guys. Thanksgiving is the time for gathering together with family and giving thanks to God for all the amazing blessings we have.

I thought it would be a fun idea to make a list of the food you will be making/having with your family this year. I would enjoy seeing and getting ideas from everyone. Happy thanksgiving!

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

    1. do you want the whole list lol? here it is: • stuffed mushrooms
      • spinach balls
      • angel eggs
      • lemon pie/squares
      • pie (unkown)
      • Jalapeno bread
      • Baked potatos
      • brussel sprout salad
      • green beens
      • turkey

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      1. Lol, that’s quite a list! I’ve never heard of angel eggs; are they hard to make?
        Oof! I have some family members who love spicy stuff, so Jalapeno bread might be up their alley XD.


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