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In this post Im am going to let you guys ask my as many questions as you like and in the next post I will answer them all. I may not answer some if i deem them to personal or inappropriate. For example they could be about the animals, or our farm, what i’ve been doing. And many other things.

But before I leave there is a date you have to ask them by: The 26th

For now I have some questions for you! How are you? what are you most excited to do this winter? What is your favorite season and what about it?


10 thoughts on “Questions post”

  1. here are my questions-
    how old are you?

    what’s your favorite tv show?

    what’s your favorite art medium?

    favorite place to eat-out?

    favorite starbucks drink?


  2. If you could have any animal that was PERFECTLY trained, what would it be?

    [Here is a funny question I like to ask]. What is your favourite fear?

    I am doing very well. I am most excited about the hobbies I want to get started this winter, mainly blacksmithing. And early fall is easily the best season, it isn’t super hot, yet you don’t need to wear a jacket. And the colours are spectacular where we live.


  3. What’s your favorite color?
    If you had to choose one animal from your farm what would it be?
    I’m great. I am going to Thailand in December that is what I would am most excited about. My favorite season is spring because of all the pretty flowers!


  4. What a fun idea! Okay, here are my questions:

    1.) What has been the hardest kind of animal/pet you’ve taken care of?
    2.) What’s one amazing thing you’ve been learning this year in school?
    3.) What’s something you’re excited to do on your time off during winter break? (aside from celebrating the holidays, of course!)
    4.) Do you like to listen to Christmas music in November/earlier in the year, or do you wait until it’s actually December?
    5.) Who’s your current favorite music artist?

    Ah, and thanks so much for asking, Sawyer! I’ve been doing well. Just getting over the flu lol. I really like the winter months where we live because everything is starting to turn green after it rains (we have a long brown summer in our state.) Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!

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