bump up: Answers to your questions

hey guys I decided to move this post up since I will be really busy this week and I am soooo super excited to answer your questions! So lets get right too it.

1rst up is from Corrie.S.P.

How many chickens do you have?
Are you expecting any new babies?

I have 26 chickens not counting baby chicks, I have 6 baby chicks.

we are not expecting any new babies because it is getting too cold to hatch but our goat is pregnant!

2nd is from Mayim

how old are you? I am 13 going on 14 in April

what’s your favorite tv show? hmmm it would have to be midsomer murders or Bluey

what’s your favorite art medium? Acylic

favorite place to eat-out? hmm probably would be jucy’s burger

favorite starbucks drink? Well I don’t have starbucks but I can tell you I like coffee lol😆

3rd is from oliverneudorf

If you could have any animal that was PERFECTLY trained, what would it be?

Dont say im crazy but a cheetah they are the most docile

[Here is a funny question I like to ask]. What is your favourite fear?

ooh thats tricky um the fear of the coyotes.

4th is from Lillian-Keith

1.) What has been the hardest kind of animal/pet you’ve taken care of?

2.) What’s one amazing thing you’ve been learning this year in school?

The french and indian war, youtube, reading 20,00 leaguse under the sea
3.) What’s something you’re excited to do on your time off during winter break? (aside from celebrating the holidays, of course!)

probably being able to play with my cow and ride her
4.) Do you like to listen to Christmas music in November/earlier in the year, or do you wait until it’s actually December?

I like waiting till actual Christmas but sometimes before

5.) Who’s your current favorite music artist? hm Andy Grammer

Ok guys that was alll and I loved your questions, I hope to do more of these post in the future!



8 thoughts on “bump up: Answers to your questions”

  1. Thanks so much for answering our questions, Sawyer! I had so much fun reading your post. I didn’t realize turkeys were so difficult to maintain lol. Also, cheetahs are so pretty! That’d be cool to have one as a pet.

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      1. the shoould make it since they are grown, 5 we killed because they climbed into the goat water trough and we aren’t sure how the others died. We would just find them dead. But we read turkies can be very dumb and can even forget were their food or water is.

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