History Essay Week 2



Lesson 10



Writing Assignment: Write a one to two page on one of the following topics:

– History of China and India
– History of Europe
– History of South and Central America
– History of North America

     China and India: In 1227 Genghis khan ruled over Mongolia and he was the greatest leader to ever rule over Mongolia. After his death China and India began to expand, China expanded into the Qing empire.

     Japan around this time became a more important country by separating themselves from the China and Korea politics making them a stronger nation.

     From 500-1750 India controlled most of the same amount of regions. It was ruled by a number of small dominants called the Mongol Empire.

     Europe: Europe was expanding much in this time but its two biggest enemies were Russia and the USA. Europe had many countries ruling the world but eventually Russia and the USA would over take them later on.

     South and Central America: In 1450 very little changed in South America, there were not a lot of inhabitants. But in 1492 after Christopher Columbus traveled there, many Europeans started colonizing parts of South and Central America.

     Soon it was divided into one half being Spanish and one Portuguese. The Spanish took over most of it, brutally taking over its previous inhabitants.

     North America:  North America was completely taken over by the Spanish empire in 1450 which is known today as Mexico. All British colonies in upper North America would soon become the United States.



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