My Letter To The Parliament

History 8

Lesson 20



Writing Assignment: Write a two to three page paper on the following topic:

Pretend you were a delegate to the Continental Congress. Write a paper describing your grievances against the Parliament and how they should be solved.

      My letter to the parliament: I have dealt with these outrageous acts and taxes, It all began with Pontiacs war, we were unprotected and many people died while you watched. Hundreds of colonists were killed and 8 forts destroyed. I thought the situation was managed poorly, my house was burned to the ground because of your neglect to our safety.

     Then you follow behind European colonies and force mercantilism upon our land. Trading with other foreign countries helped us gain money and many goods, by taking that away we suffer in poverty because of your foolishness. We have no input to our king because he has full control over our country and land. What are we to do but stand and fight for our freedom from the parliament and poverty that chase us everywhere we go.

     You hurt the printing press and newspaper with your stamp act which was said there was to be watermarks on all of our documents, newspapers, ect… This act of all was the most foolish to me because it raised the price of a simple sheet of paper for no reason.

     Still you suck us dry until we have no food and water left. No money and we are struggling to keep a house and then you force us to let soldiers, strange men , to bed with us and expect us out of our own expense to feed and water them;  give them housing with no money to do it. This is not the way we want to live and you expect us to do so.

     The Townshend act, to what stupidity do you think you was a good act, taxing our tea, glass, paint, lead, and paper. Not to my surprise are we no longer able to afford these things anymore thanks to your acts and taxes.

    Now forced to take drastic measures we form undergrounds unions fighting for what is ours and our rights to freedom. The Gaspee burned in flames because of our anger but don’t think that will be the last one.

     Then you tax our tea, which we greatly enjoy and you make us spend more for it so we no longer drink its pleasures because you have ruined it. We leave it on the docks to rot like our country will , unless you decide to change it.


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