The American Revalution

History 8

Lesson 25



The Colonists of the British did not like all the taxes and acts so they wanted to separate from Britain which is what started the American Revolution. They had a war that lasted 8 yrs to win the 13 colonies and be separated from Britain.

     The colonists conquered Ticonderoga the French and Indian war fort. They surprised the British by defending bunker hill because the British were trying to take ammunition. But along with all this they did suffer some loses

    They poorly lost the battle of Charleston but that didn’t amount to how badly they lost the battle of Camden. It was because of the leader Horatio Gates who fled the battle because he was scared of being killed and the lost it. Nathanial Greene took over his role after they got rid of Horatio,  their wins increased all over the colonies.

     The won the battle of Saratoga making 15,700 British troops surrender and Washington crossing the famous frozen Delaware river. After crossing it the troops rested for the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania but had one fifth of the men die from the cold.

     The colonists invaded Quebec with Francis Marion gaining guns and ammunition along with a bunch of supplies.

They had a Great advantage with  Baron Von Stueben who trained the troops during winter but was also a Frenchman who was able to gain Frances help by having them send men over to help fight the war.

     Soon after 8 years the colonists won the war with the treaty of Paris with the British surrendering the colonies. King George was not happy about this though because he seemed to be the only one who wanted the battle to go on. But it ended at Yorktown and then sometime later Washington would become our first president.


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