The Seven Years War

History 8

Lesson 15



Writing Assignment: Write a two to three page paper on the following topic:

Describe the history of the Seven Years’ War.

     In 1755 the Lisbon earthquake occurred, destroying most of the capital of Lisbon in Portugal. It almost wiped out the whole population killing between 10,000 to 100,000 people. What was worse is that at that time Portugal was becoming a stronger nation.

     In 1756 Europe formed a diplomatic revelation redrawing alliances with all its countries.

    The first country to strike a blow to Europe in the seven years war was France.

The countries fighting against each other were Britain/Austria vs France/Prussia, Britain/Prussia vs France/Austria.

Saxony was a small country taken over by Prussia immediately and was never recovered.

Prussia was pushed back a lot and losing, but its ally Britain sent food and soldiers to help with the war, even money too. Besides north America and Europe fighting in the war  the Caribbeans, South America, India, Philippians, and West Africa were also involved.

The Spaniards captured two forts in South America the gave the back after the war was over.

 In 1759 Britain suddenly had a streak of wins! They called it the miracle year, they had the most wins.

The Treaty of St Petersberg finally ended the war, It made it so they could trade easier. In the end Britain had most of the wins. There were a lot of loses and a lot of wins. But the Seven Years War was a long and bloody war.



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