My Art

Welcome! This is my art, enjoy!

Hi my name is Sawyer and art is my favorite thing to do. When you draw it doesn’t matter what you draw. It is like letting Imagination take over in your hand and you can’t stop. This place is were you can tell me anything to make and I will make it. 😁 and I will post it on here! So basically like you request anything for me to draw and I will post it. I am so excited to see what kinds of things you come up with for me to draw!! Bye

My Drawings

This is a dragon


Leave a comment and make my day!😊

34 thoughts on “My Art”

  1. I think the Stitch one is cute. I have a cousin who draws Stitch sometimes, and I have several of her drawings.
    Your dragons are really cool!
    I like drawing too, my specialty is people.


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