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hey guys This I my chat page if you just want to talk or have fun!

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  1. For your monthly art contests, does everyone who enters have to use a different name, becuase I noticed you and the others did that. And depending on what the theme is, I might want to enter…

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  2. Hey, Sawyer! Here we are so we can keep chatting. A fun//random question: Do you like water? The ocean? Swimming pools? Water parks? Rainy days? Mud puddles?

    Excited to chat with you more! ❤


    1. I love water! It is so pretty and I love watching the ripples. The ocean is nice to but I would never want to get lost in it lol. I am only use to the beach. Swimming pools are awesome!
      I love getting to swim, The boys and I pretend that the cleaner bot in the bottom is a stingray and we cant touch it lol🐳
      Water parks, hmmm🤨 I have only been to one and they are nice at cooling you off but what is the point of playing in water when you cant swim?
      Rainy days are beautiful and i love the sound of rain but I dont like it when it rains hard.
      Mud puddles yuck! i dont like them because they are so messy.
      Ok my questions! How old are you? What is your favorite part of were you live? How about favorite flower?🏵️🌹🌺

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      1. Haha, I get that. Neither would I. XD My sibs and I love to play games in the pool.
        I totally get that, and that’s what I think. You spend so much time waiting in line, and so short actually in the water.
        Rain is beautiful, I agree.
        Neither do I! But I actually love walking around in the mud, it’s so soft and squishy, but it is SO messy.
        I don’t think I’m allowed to say me exact age, but I’m in the 12–16ish area. Sorry to be vague. XD I love all the different seasons, and how I get to experience everything. From below zero temps in the Winter to 90 degrees in the summer. I love sunflowers because of how bright and cheery they are, but also, hydragnas are beautiful too. What about you?


    1. well the theme of the art contests always gets picked by the winner unless I have everyone vote out of a list of themes I choose. There is no specific type of themes we do, the can change to unique ones everytime.
      If I wanted to enter I would just comment on the post asking if I can and wait for the host to give me instructions how. I take it you may want to?


  3. Warning! Do not read if you don’t want your childhood messed up.

    ‘Tis raining!
    ‘Tis poring!
    The old man ain’t snoring!
    He went to bed and of with his head, and he couldn’t wake up in the morning!


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