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Garlic Honey chicken

Hello fellow bakers! I know this may be hard to believe but yes….I cook. I am not into it as much since we live in such a small Rv but once into the house you will be getting Loads of these posts😉 This was a special occasion though so I decided to make a special… Continue reading Garlic Honey chicken

English Lesson 115

Assignment: Write a two to three page chapter for the book Little Men. Use the actual characters, personalities, and places from the book to create a potential chapter for later in the book. It was another day for the Plumfield boys. It started off the same way. Lessons and then play. “pssst Demi lets got… Continue reading English Lesson 115

Camping in the sun

Hello fellow campers! I wanted to let you in on something today! It came out of the blue for me but I am going to a camp next month! It is July 11th-14th. I cant wait. But any way it brings me back to…. I wanted challenge to be a quite fun one! Make your… Continue reading Camping in the sun

Grand Challenge 1: Voting

Ok!!!! WE are yes…..behind but I finally got the post done! So lets go straight into it. Contestant 1: Eagle Ram She has 5 points Contestant 2: Summer fun she has 4 points Contestant 3: Antigua She has 4 points your vote to any one of these is worth one point! The poll ends in… Continue reading Grand Challenge 1: Voting

Cuteness (wayyyy overdue)

Hello fellow people! I men’t to post this a long time ago *embarrassed*. But now that I am I hope you enjoy. Well about a week ago in a farm far far away, haha just kidding. We had baby chicks hatch! Momma hen had been laying on them for 20 days and they finally hatched!… Continue reading Cuteness (wayyyy overdue)


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