My favorite character

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Today I have to write about one of my favorite characters in the book I have read. Well the most recent book I have read was around the world in eighty days. It was kind of boring and I would suggest it for bigger kids. Being that I am 11 going on 12 in a week. So I think my favorite character from that book was Philasees Fogg. I’m not quite sure how to spell his name. But anyway I like him because he seems like a good guy.

He was a really good gentleman and was never late to anything! Not even late by a second. Oh and keep in mind this is a fictional story so this is not real. He even took on a challenge to go all around the world. I think that would be lots of fun! Just imagine visiting countries around the world! Meeting new people and learning new things. But of course he was on a race around the world so he probably didn’t have time to visit people or tour places.

I think most of you wonder why my essay are so short. I don’t mean for them to be short. I think half of it is because I am lazy and the other half I can’t think of anything else. I still hope you all enjoy my essays. If you want to, then feel free to discuss with me how you feel about my essays and what I should change, because I would love to chat about it.

Well that is my favorite character and to any of you who are going to read around the world in 80 days please know, that it might be kind of boring but that is my opinion. Please don’t let this discourage you, it is still a good book and worth reading. Goodbye!

My business

So today I have to write about what business I would have if I could have one. Well I got to thinking and finally came up with one, but I am not going to spoil the essay. So you will just have to read it for yourself. So first I would have to buy a store or a building to start my business. I don’t know if i would want it small or big but small would be better. Just to start of. So after that I would redesign it to what I would want. I basically would want to make it look like a big souviner shop but that is not what it will be. I would have a desktop and a cashier. After everything is finished I would start to hire people and buy supplies.

ok I think it’s time I tell you what my business would be. I would sell bracelets and paintings. It could be that you could choose a painting you want and I could make it for you. And bracelets. Soon over time I could sell knit hats and gloves. I could sell many thing and hope to have my business grow. but besides all that I would still love to be a vetrinarian. My love for animals grows everyday.

It brings me joy to know how I saved a butterfly or an animal or and living or flying thing. IT is just one step closer to helping keep the world clean. Sadly everyday I see more and more trash everywhere people just don’t care and if you don’t care about something for to long it will die. As we all will one day when we go to heaven with our heavenly father. We all need to start caring a little more everyday and maybe eventually stop all this littering. Well that is the end of my essay for today. please comment or like!! bye

Leaf bug

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So Today I am writing about leaf bugs. This tiny and cute creature is actually called a plant hopper. These things on them that make them look like leaves are wings. That is why they are called plant hoppers. They hop from one place to another. For those of you who have seen one will know how small they really are. They are about as big as the nail on your ring finger. That is one of the things that keeps them hidden. Besides their neat leaf disguise. They are everywere but to small to see.

They have a straw like mouth that they use to drink sap. Just like butterflies. They like living in wetlands and are often found in long grass. Leaf bugs aren’t considered pest unless they are in large groups. Farmers don’t really mind them because they can do any detruction to plants. Well I hope you have enjoyed this essay. And have seen how truly interesting they are.

My Route Around the World

this is about what my route around the world would be. world like phileas fogg did. Well once I first learned that that is what my essay would be about then I thought I would need a globe     So today I have to write about the route I would take to get around or something like that. Well turns out I have a globe I can use that I just got so problem solved.  Well here I go!

     So I live in America and in Louisiana. I will soon move to Texas so I am writing this as if I were in Texas. So in America I would use a car to travel. I would wake up super early and leave in my car. First I would drive through Louisiana then through missisipi And stop in Alabama to eat something. Which would probably be lunch. I would drive through Alabama and to the end of Georgia. I would sleep at I hotel there. Then In the morning I would take an Airplane to Mauritania Africa. I would be tired by the then and would also find I place were I could rest.

     That should have been two days by now. Once it was morning I would be on my way again. I would take an airplane across Africa and stop at a place called Eritrea Africa. There I would rest again an in the Morning  I would travel to Yemen Asia and then to Mumbia India. Then I would travel to Tokyo and rest. Then After Tokyo I would travel back to America. I would go to San Diego California and take  a plane to Armarillo Texas then To my Home in Tenaha. And because of how technology is today it might have taken just 12 days at the most.

Well this was fun and I hope you all enjoyed it. Please leave likes or comments down below on how you liked it. BYE

MY daily routine

So Before I start I live in an RV and if you don’t know what that is then you can look it up or ask your parents. So first I wake up around usually 7:30 And then i have to go into the living room which my brothers are usually up and my mom is sleeping. I then make my brothers food to eat and food for me and then my mom wakes up. Then I let the dogs out and come back in to give them food. Once I bring the dogs back in I wash the dishes.

Then I start on school. Which can take an hour at the most. After school I take my brothers out to play. I might also play by climbing trees but I like to paint outside. Then I bring my brothers in to eat. It is 12:00 by then. I make them food and then we all eat. After eating if there is any dishes then I do those. I bring the dogs out once more and my brothers. We stay outside to about 5:00. Then we come in to eat. My mom is the one that makes supper. After we eat I wash the supper dishes and then take a rest.

Once my brothers are in bed my mom and I spend time together. But when my dad is home I don’t because then he gets to spend time with her. But we will watch a movie or just talk. After that I go in my room to read my bible and then I have time to do whatever I want. Then after that I go to sleep. MY bedtime is 9:00. And then it is a normal day again. But on Sunday it is different!!

My daily routine on Sunday. So when I get up to make food for my brother I then leave the dishes and soon you will know why. I take the dogs out and get ready for church. I don’t have time for dishes then. Then we Go to church and get there around 10:44. I get to talk to all my friends their and then listen to Pastor Russel. IT ends at 12:00. Then we go home to eat and sometimes go out. But after that we leave at 4:30 To go to Awana. It is super fun at awana. You can win contests play games and learn more about God. I have to memorise my verses to get points. The we go home at 7:00. WEll that is my Sunday. Hope you all enjoyed my essay!!!

Australia’s culture

     Today I have to write about a culture that I like. Well I really like Australia so I want to write about it. People who first lived in Australia were Britians. They colonized the land and soon started a government. The oldest surviving traditions now are of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres people. One of their traditions is called dream time. It is celebrating their ancestrial spirits that built the land. Most Australian tribes didn’t know God and Instead worshiped spirits and Gods.

     When the British first arrived there they arrived at what we now call Sydney Australia. Which they mainly Kept their prisoners there or people who had been banished. William Wentworth had made the first political party for Australia. And women fought for their rights to vote. They eventually won rights to vote in South Australia. While British culture remained strong in Australia in the 21st century. Other influences became stronger.

     The Hawaiian way of surfing was soon adopted into Australia. Soon Songs and movies were adopted into Australia as well. Soon in 1901 People wanted to design a flag for Australia. And well they did. Here is a picture of what It looks like.

See the source image
See the source image

     Even though Australia has no official language they still have a really cool accent. So I hope you all enjoyed my essay and please like or comment down below. Bye for now!

Where I would visit if I went around the world

     So today I have to write about what I would do if I were to go around the world in 80 days. Well I have been to Hawaii before but I would really like to go back. I want to swim in the beach and find crabs and shells. I also have relatives there that I would like to visit there. Hmmm I am not sure about what else. I would like to see Paris. For some reason Paris just seems boring to me. Even the Eiffel Tower. But I guess I could look at it. I might like to visit Washington DC one more time because I have been there before. I loved it and it was super fun. We got to see the capital. So I would love to go back there.

     But out of everything else the one place that I have always wanted to visit would be Australia! I would like to visit their zoo. The Irwin Zoo. They have a show that I love watching and it would be my dream to work there. I love animals and that is why when I get older I would like to be a veterinarian. But working there would be great because I could get to see all types of animals.

     I don’t know know about  Africa. Oh Japan would be a great place to go! I think it would be fun trying different foods and learning their language. I but the foods taste great. I don’t think I have ever tasted Japanese food and I don’t know if I like it or not. Learning the language might be hard but I don’t know. Their clothes are cool and I would definitely want to try them on. I might look funny but I still think it would be cool. I would definitely want to stay there for a couple days.

     I would like to go to Canada. I don’t know much about it but I could make maple syrup and syrup lollipops. I do know that Alaska would be a great place to visit. My mom lived there for a long time when she was little and she still tells me today that it was great. So I would like to visit there and try their foods also. Salmon is my favorite fish to eat so I would have some of that too.

     Well I can’t really think of anything else so I guess my essay is done. I hope you liked it and please let me know if I have any errors.

Why I Love Art

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I love art because it is so creative. In art you can mess up but it can still look good. It is like all the creative imagination in your head goes to your hand. Then the best part happens. you get to show your drawings to others and they can share their opinions with you. I used to think that I would never be a good artist when I was little. But I would still draw. I drew almost everyday and didn’t stop. I am so much better today. Here is a funny little story that is true. When I was little a had a funny way of drawing people. I would draw a circle and and a nose,eyes, and a mouth. The I would draw arms coming out of the circle and legs coming out of the bottom. Well one day my mom had me go through all my drawing and stack them neatly. When I was looking through them I noticed that all my drawing only had a head and not a body. I really freaked out so from then on I started drawing a body and practiced to get better.

When I get a bigger room I plan to have it filled with art and creative things. I love to stitch,make things withe clay, Make bracelets, and many other things. Oh I forgot to mention that butterflies are one of my favorite things to draw. They are so beautiful and if you want to learn more about them there is a essay below that I wrote about them. They can get tricky to draw because the other wing has to be identicale to the other. But in time it will work. well I hope you all enjoyed. bye

My favorite movie

     Today I have to write an essay about my favorite movie. I have many favorites so it was hard to pick. I like the movie parent trap because it is funny and really cool. I think that is is very creative movie. For most of you who have seen it you probably agree with me.

It is about these kids who’s parents broke up when they were little and they never knew who they were. Then one day they were both sent to camp and they both met there. They got into fights and praked each other until one day they found out that they were related. They switched up to see if their parents noticed but they didn’t.

The girl that went with her sister’s dad had a problem because their dad was dating. Well they pulled a lot of pranks on her till she finally gave up and broke up with their dad. Well I don’t think I should tell you the rest of the story cause then you probably wouldn’t watch it but please do.

This is a great movie and hope that if you haven’t seen it then you will. This movie probably isn’t for kids younger then 9. I only say this because if you want to try and get them to watch too they won’t because it would be to boring for them. I know because I have three brothers that are younger than me. Well I hope you enjoyed this essay! bye

The Zeebo THE END

As we were walking through the jungle I took the time to see how beautiful this land really is. A part of me was glad we were saving it but I still wanted to go home. The place the map were it said the Zeebo was had a cave on it so I assumed that we would come to a cave. We did and it was big.

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It had looked something like this. I was scared to enter but Jane and I both did. We went inside and came to a golden door. I went to open it but we needed a key. Suddenly my map lifted out from my pocket it turned golden and the became the shape of a key. I was hoping that this was the key. I stuck it through the key hole and it turned, the door opened. Inside laid this mystical beast. So pleasent as if he was sleeping. I opened the box were the heart was and lifted it in the air. Suddenly Zeebo was lifted up to the heart slowly made it’s way to his chest and sunk in as if it was absorbed. Suddenly his eyes opened! Color came back to his fur. As he was lifted back down he looked at me and when he got on the ground he bowed to me as a thankyou. he put me on his back and I held on tight. He ran out of that cave so fast I thought my skin would fall right off my face. Jane and I were so excited because we would finally go home. But it wasn’t over yet! The ground started to rumble and the the trees started to shake. Then thi hideos beast came from the ground, he was the cocalor. I thought the Zeebo would defeat him but I was wrong. He put us down and went to fight the giant. The were thrashing all over!! The Zeebo was wounded!! I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled out my dagger I was ducking every foot and tail. I stuck my dagger into the beast and pulled down as hard as i could. Jane was running after me saying to watch out. Then the Zeebo got the upper hand because Cocaler was injured badly. I stood to the beast and said BE GONE!! And all the sudden here I was back home laying in my bed. I couldn’t believe itr so I walked to my door and opened it. I went to the living room and saw mom and dad sitting there watching TV I ran to hug them and they were quite surprised. They said I needed to get back in bed and change out of those weird clothes. I had still had those clothes on. Then I forgot all about Jane! I waited till the next morning and I had a knock on the door. Mom said on of my friends was here to see me. It was Jane! she was way older than me, I took her to my my room were she then thanked me. She said after I dissaperd the cacoler died. The Zeebo put his paw on me and and I was back home. Turns out Jane is a Doctor. We were good friends after that and saw each other all the time. I was happy it was all over now and I hope you all liked my story. THE END

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