bump up: Answers to your questions

hey guys I decided to move this post up since I will be really busy this week and I am soooo super excited to answer your questions! So lets get right too it. 1rst up is from Corrie.S.P. How many chickens do you have?Are you expecting any new babies? I have 26 chickens not counting… Continue reading bump up: Answers to your questions

Questions post

In this post Im am going to let you guys ask my as many questions as you like and in the next post I will answer them all. I may not answer some if i deem them to personal or inappropriate. For example they could be about the animals, or our farm, what i've been… Continue reading Questions post


Hello everyone! Thanksgiving is coming so I have a fun little challenge for you guys. Thanksgiving is the time for gathering together with family and giving thanks to God for all the amazing blessings we have. I thought it would be a fun idea to make a list of the food you will be making/having… Continue reading Thanksgiving