English 8

Lesson 30 4/11/2023 Sawyer Assignment: Your writing assignment for today is to write a 3-page essay. Topic: Apple pie has long been considered the most American dessert. Why do you think this is? Do you think this is still accurate? What would you choose as the most American dessert? Why do you think this is?… Continue reading English 8

Sawrrie Spring Artistry Tournament

Hey Guys! I have had a lot of questions about when the Art Contests were going to be starting back up from those on the blog, and those off. I had been procrastinating on doing them since they are a lot of work and I have also not had much time to sit down and… Continue reading Sawrrie Spring Artistry Tournament


Hey guys im so sorry ive been gone for soooo long, I wont even begin with half the stuff thats happened! for now lets just look at some photos I took for the beginning of spring! well we still have two mamas left to give birth! We are gonna have lots of babies. Sorry its… Continue reading Hello