Camping in the sun

Hello fellow campers! I wanted to let you in on something today! It came out of the blue for me but I am going to a camp next month! It is July 11th-14th. I cant wait. But any way it brings me back to…. I wanted challenge to be a quite fun one!

Make your own camp map

yep thats right! The theme is to draw a simple or detailed camp map. It has to be one you made up! And it has to have a made up name as well. The map may seem a little weird for a challenge but here is the fun part. Whoever map wins! I will use as a reference in the Blogger Award I am creating!

Ok now points

1 point: If it has a pond/lake

2 points: if it has more than 6 cabins and includes camp staff cabins

4 points: for a very creative name

2: if I like it

Ok so now for the winners from last contest!

1rst Place Winner With 8 Points…….Eagle ram!!

Congrats eagle ram! You now are ahead in the contests and have a chance to win the whole thing!

2nd place winner with 6 points! Summer fun


3rd place with 5 points! Antigua

Ok so no one in this round is eliminated and there is room for more! I need more contestants for more of a challenge so please enter of please reblog! I need your drawings by next week. Luv ya!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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