Chicks, chicks, and more Chicks

Photo by Myriams Fotos on

I realize that last time I posted chick pictures, I melted a lot of my friends, So I apologize to those who melted because of the cuteness😉

But was it enough???? No, No it wasn’t…………..

Because we have more babies hatching currently right now! Today I will be posting a series of posts to show the progress. I am heading out now to get pics so stay tuned!!!!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

7 thoughts on “Chicks, chicks, and more Chicks”

  1. Just this year, my class got eggs. It was because the person who had gotten them was going away. We had them as eggs for a month until they hatched. We started out with 24 eggs. 10 hatched and when they left they where 9. They where so loud but amazing to have around. We held them and pet them. Amazing experience on my part.

    I’m excited to see the pictures of your chicks!


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