After School

      For this essay assignment I will write about what I like to do after school.  Well first you should know a little about me. I love to draw!! It is one of the many things that I like to do but is still my favorite thing to do.  Oh and I love horses! They are my favorite animal. But to get back to the essay.

     When I finish school I like to look up pictures of cats, fruit, vegetables, and snakes. I look up just about anything. But I guess you‘re wondering why?!? Well here Is why. The best way to learn how to draw is to look at a picture of something and then copy it. So I like drawing after school and looking up things to draw. For example, if I look up pictures of carrots then I will draw it . But if you are thinking that all I do is draw a boring old carrot, squash, or eggplant then you are wrong!! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without adding……        A face!!! I add faces on everything and here’s a tip why, because it makes them cuter!! Sometimes when I’m drawing I like to listen to music which is usually from Lauran Daigle.

After I’m done drawing it is lunch time and then We eat. I have a mom, dad, and three brothers. Two of them are twins that are 4 and one is 5. And I’m 11 about to be twelve in April.

       After we eat I like to go outside. We have many trees and I love climbing. That is my second favorite thing to do. Sometimes we go rock climbing and that is so fun! But to be honest I was really scared at first but then got used to it and annoy my mom about it all the time, because I really want to go back soon.  I usually spend the rest of the day outside but sometimes it is raining and we can’t go out.

      But if that happens I love crafts! I have molding clay that is really fun and I also love to stitch. But I guess that is all for my essay. I really enjoyed it! I hope you liked it. bye.

11 thoughts on “After School”

  1. Cool! I love to climb trees too!
    I love to stich too! I like to watch movies from YouTube.
    My favorite singers are Michael Jackson, Annie Lebranc, and Brooke Butler!
    If you don’t know them and their songs, you gotta listen to them!
    Annie’s best songs are, “Ordinary Girl”, and “Play Nice” and “Photograph”.
    Brooke’s best song is “Wave”.


    1. OMG!!
      I gotta tell u!
      She is AMAZING!!!
      I just listened to “You Say”.
      It is just, GREATER that GREAT!1
      Catgirl! I def owe you one!!!
      I just put more songs of hers into my MP3.
      You are so, so, so, GREAT!!
      I love her! I only listened to her for just 2 minutes, and I’m into her!!
      I was just looking for new songs to listen to, and she is PERFECT!!
      Thank you sooooo much Cat girl!!!
      Gosh I don’t know how to repay you!!


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