The Kings of Judah

     In this lesson I am going to list the kings  of Judah and if they were good or bad. Here is the first king. Rehoboam was the first king of Judah and he was the son of Solomon. He rained over the twelve before the ten tribes went of to live in Israel . Then he had a son named Abijah who took over after he died. Abijah tried to reunite all of the tribes but he wasn’t able to. Then came his son Asa. Asa was a very good his and was the first to be remembered as that. He also brought back the worship of God and destroyed the Idols.

      Jehosaphat  followed  him and was also a good king. His son married the daughter of Ahab which was very bad because she did not believe in God. His son Ahaziah also reined as king but was not king for a very long time. Ahaziah was murdered and after he died his mother Ataliah took over the throne. She was queen for six years and she thought that she had killed of all of the heirs of the throne and that the generation of Judah was gone but but Joash was saved and became king at the age of just six. Joash had a son named Amaziah and Amaziah had a son named Uzziah. Both of these Kings continued with some of the faith Joash had but did not show it like they should have. Jotham the son of Uzziah did however continue in the way of his grandfather Joash. But his son Ahaz was one of the most wicked kings of Judah! Then The son of Ahaz who was Hesakiah was one of the most righteos kings of Judah. 

     Then Manassa  and he was not a good king and so was his son not a good king. But then came Josiah and he was made king at just the age of 8. He was a good king. This family line kept on going. I hope you like d my essay!!

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