Who do you vote for?

Please vote!

M!a's Curious Thoughts

I’ll let you vote for the “Gli and Scythina” contest. Even contesters may vote. Even for themselves.

Here is the poll:

It ends in exactly 24 hours.


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Go ahead and vote!

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24 thoughts on “Who do you vote for?”

  1. I’m doing a small voting contest on my blog too. I just needed to know how to make the “poll” where everyone could vote. Please help!!


      1. Ok I know them. Know i have to wait for the poll. or no I mean all i have to do is wait for your next post about it right? I’m kinda confused.🤔


      2. What you have to do is this: Make a dish of yours that will be competing in the contest. Make that dish and make a post about it, or you could just send me the picture to my e-mail. You have to do this by the 22th of May 2021. After that, I’ll make a post where you guys can vote any dish. Sorry for being not clear. Anything you don’t understand, just tell me.


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