To all my friends and followers.

I know I don’t post often and when I do the posts are usually short now. I miss talking with you and reading your posts. Life has gotten harder for me lately and more exciting. We get up every day to work at the land and now our house is being built. My mom and dad are building a well house and chicken coop and we spend about 10 hrs at the land each day and get home late to eat so it has been hard. This isn’t goodbye though. Once things settle down I will post more often and get to talking to you. But being busy and all means making some changes. I have written to each one of my friends that I hope they will read.

TO: ♪M!a♪

I know that I have currently been your illustrator and your friend but being busy in all will mean putting a hold on being your illustrator for now. I have enjoyed drawing for you and once I can again I hope that you will let me. I love being friends with you! You’re such a fun person! Keep loving Christ and trusting in Him. I promise to talk soon.

TO: Corrie.S.P.

I love talking with you and just plain having fun. Entering your contests have always been my favorite thing to do. It will definitely be one of the things I look forward to doing when I get back. I love your posts so know that even though I might not comment on them I will always try to read them. Keep spreading your joy and happiness to everyone. Love ya

TO: Elicia

You inspire me with all your amazing art and also in your Godly personality. You’re super fun and always make me happy. Being friends with you is amazing, especially since you were one of my first followers and have always been there for me. I will always try to read you posts and try to talk here and there. Keep on teaching about Jesus. Bye

TO: oliverneudorf

Your are a great friend and super funny. I have been praying for you because I know Canada is going through some hard times. I pray you stay safe and I hope to be able to talk to you soon.

I am sorry I don’t have time to write to you all because I really would if I could. Oh and a new Update. We are now living in our RV out at the land and things have settled down a little bit but we are still busy. I will talk soon I promise! -Sawyer

15 thoughts on “To all my friends and followers.”

  1. Wow! That is great news!!!!!!!!!
    That is so sweet of you to say! I have missed you in my contests.
    I have missed you but I am glad you are OK. I have been a little MIA recently anyway.
    talk to you soon I hope!


  2. Thank you so much! ❤ ❤ ❤ I've missed your posts!! That's so great that your on your land!! It must be so exciting!! *Looks back and notices it looks like I'm yelling at you cause of all the exclamation marks* Oops.. Oh well. 😁


  3. This is so sweet Sawyer. I understand how busy you are. We have moved to NewBrunswick and bought 11 acres. We have to be outside and working lots. I mostly have to chop, move, saw down, a lot of wood. Haven’t had time to post either, but I have two posts that I just need to run through one more time. I will check this page every now and then, so if you do have time to chat, I will!! I will pray for you too!!

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