7th Grade Lesson 80 Report


Write about what you have learned in this semester so far and how you liked it.

     This First semester of English was new, challenging and honestly really hard. I am a book person but hate having to read so many chapters for so long. But it is interesting reading and learning. Since it has been super busy in life for me school was off and on so I had to go back through some of the lessons for a refresh. Starting at the beginning I read a book called the Dragon and the Raven. It was okay and I enjoyed. I liked most of the books I read but some I did not understand because they were so old timey.

      One of them I liked was White Fang. Oh it was so cool! It scared me too, not like a horror book but with reality. It is about these men who go out into the woods and then slowly they get picked off by wolves and one wolf pretends to be one of their dogs. Slowly the dogs get eaten one by one too. I kind of loved it and hated it at the same time, but still a great book. There is much more to it than that but I wasn’t going to go into detail.

     The Adventures of Robin hood definitely opened my mind to a new perspective about it. It was not like the movies and was really good! I am now reading Alice in wonderland and it is really good! The character of Alice has a new personality then in the movie and gives the whole book a new look! I won’t go through all the books but I am so excited for the rest! Bye

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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