8th Grade English lesson 5

Assignment: Choose one of the one page essay topics you wrote earlier this week and improve it to make a two page essay

     I finally moved into 8th grade! How exciting it feels. This summer was great. Oh excuse me I mean hot, But that is how summer is I suppose. My vacation was very nice. It all started with getting a calf, oh yes I got a calf! It is so much fun raising a cow, she has gotten much bigger now and is growing. She is a brangus and is so pretty and can be so funny. One time I was riding her, it felt nice outside and she was enjoying it. Before I knew Pip (our little dog) went up behind her and gave a bark that scared her. She went running so fast that I couldn’t hold on to her silky fur and I slid right off. Still sliding on the ground when she was running. As much as I wanted to scold her I realized she probably wouldn’t understand a word I was saying.

     Yep my vacation was great my cat had kittens, and no sooner did I realize that Kittens can not only be hilarious but they can be little rascals. I suppose it isn’t their fault though. My cat caught 4 voles to feed to them. Oh boy was that fun trying to take it from her.

     After finally moving into our big house I have gotten into cooking more, I made a lemon cake for my dad’s birthday that I may add I am very proud of.  I never knew cooking could be so much fun. I love making food now, and I hope that it becomes a good hobby of mine. I especially like knowing that I can make good food. I’m so used to having good food from mom that when I make food I’m proud to amount up to her great cooking skills.

     With the hot weather came some windy days towards the end. I got to fly my old kite which of course broke after two days but I really enjoyed it.

     But my favorite thing out of all my summer was to climb on top of our shipping containers and feel the wind beneath my arms, I felt like I could let everything go and stand at amazement with God’s beautiful world. I was blessed to have a great vacation like this.

I had tons of breaks inbetween school having to help mom. We have a huge Garden that always needs tending to. This year we had a bunch of watermelons, there was too many. Mom had planted many different types not really expecting to have them all survive. But they did, trying each one was so interesting. Hence forth the chickens got some. Sometimes The calf would get some.

     By the way I learned something very interesting about her. She loves plums. If she saw me with one then She would run up to me wanting it. I never gave her much but any fruit would do with her.

     All the veggies we got this year were Yellow squash, zucchini, beans, okra, strawberries, cantaloupe, and of course watermelon. We had plentiful amounts of each one, I’m not found of yellow squash but ours was pretty good. The only squash I really like it spaghetti squash! Those are the best.

     I want to say our chickens had the time of their life this year, well the first half……I was keen to experiment with every kind of food with the chickens. From bread, fruit, veggies, and all sorts of stuff. They loved it all. Until the day the Coyote came. Right in front of me, 3:00 in the evening he snatched one of our chickens. 10 days later the same thing. And yesterday he was spotted but took none because they were in the coop. All times while I was done there. I hollered and screamed at him but nothing works. We have lost 5 chickens, 3 ducks, and 10 guineas. Now they stay locked up until our fence is done. So I give them tons of treats.

     I made mini cheesecakes and they were great! I putt cherries on top of them.

     Well that is all for now, I enjoy writing about all the fun things happening over my summer. It is so fun going back through all the memories.



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