Broken but Loved

Chapter 1: A wave of memories

Before reading this first chapter of my new book I would only advise it for ages 12 and up. there is some things that might be bothersome for other ages so before reading this I just want to warn you only 12+

     Knock, Knock! “Autumn, all the other girls have come down for supper and Mrs Cherith would like to know if you are coming” said the maid. “Come on it is no use going on being silent, you might as well answer me so I have some excuse to tell Mrs Cherith” said the maid. “I’m not hungry” replied Autumn softly. “Well you have to eat something,! Ok”? said the maid. “Autumn? Autumn!” said the maid. “uggg whatever will they do with that girl”! said the maid. The maid walked down the stairs muttering to herself, Mrs Cherith was downstairs waiting for her. “I am sorry but I just can’t seem to get her to eat, she is going to starve herself to death” said the maid. “it is okay Beatrice (the maid) I will go try and talk to her” said Mrs Cherith.  Mrs Cherith walked up the stairs hoping that she would be able to help Autumn, she knew Autumn’s story and she knew what she had been through. She knocked on the door but no answer, so she used the key and unlocked the door. When she opened the door she did not find a girl but an empty room. Autumn and Autumn’s stuff were missing, but the window was open. She ran down the stairs yelling “ Autumn has escaped we must find her, Call the police!

     Meanwhile Autumn had been running through the woods. She told herself “ I can never go back, there are too many memories of my past there”.  She ran and ran until she just dropped. She was out of breath, hungry, and thirsty. She got up and not far in front of her was a water hose so she had a little water, that took care of the thirst but she was still hungry. Then she heard a Chirp. In front of her was a shed, not very big but big enough to stay in for now. She walked around to the front and right on the ground was a little brown bird. “Oh you poor little thing, were is you nest”? She said. Then she heard more chirping coming from in the shed. She went inside and found a pen full of the little brown birds. So she stuck him back in the pen. There was a well in the shed and some bird feed. “Well it is not much but it will suite me for the night” she said. Back at the orphanage Mrs Cherith was giving a description of Autumn to the police. “she has dirty blonde hair, she is 14, and she has run away before! Please you must find her it would kill me to know that she got into the wrong hands” said Mrs Cherith. “Yes I recall the Anderson case Mrs Cherith, I was one of the lead detectives on that case” said the detective. “Then you understand how important it is to me that we find her” said Mrs Cherith. “Yes I understand I will do my best to find her” said the detective.

     Back at the shed it was morning when Autumn woke up. She open the door and it was a little foggy but she could still see. She thought to herself “ I have to make a decision to either go back or just live out in the woods, and she knew that she could not go back. So she decided to stay but also stay out of sight. She ventured more and found that there were many animals on the land but with animals comes responsibility and sure enough there was a little house on the hill and a couple lived in there. It was a farm! Then she was flooded with memories! “I cant stay here! I cant be with people!” She exclaimed. I must leave somehow somewere!

17 thoughts on “Broken but Loved”

  1. Gosh! I felt like the story was about me! I am 14 with dirty blond hair!!! I don’t have a phobia of people though.
    I am very intrigued! Give me more! Great job! Is this for school? Or fun?
    Question: Can you give me the link to that colab post we did? I can’t find it anywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really that is cool. I will reveal later in the story why she hates people. And it is for fun. I had a dream like it and decided to add more and make it a story. And I dont think that we ever got around to doing the collab but I will check.


  2. Well done, the story idea is very good.
    A writing tip is, whenever someone talks and you want to write a reply, write the reply on the next line
    “blahblahblahblah” said *someone*
    “blahplahblahblah”replied the other *someone*
    That way it is neater, and easy to read. If someone is saying something, and you want to write something then the person says another line, then you write it like this.
    “Where did someone go?” said somebody nervously! “I must find someone” (you continue in the same line because it is the same person)
    “here I am” exclaimed someone. “I was hiding in the bush”
    “Oh good, I was scared”. (no need to explain who is talking because it is a new line and there is only one other person in the conversation)
    “I was playing a trick on you” (again no need to explain who is talking)
    If a new character is introduced into the conversation, you might need to ad at the end of the line who said what.
    “Hello, Bert”. (no need for *said Gregg*, because the next line addresses who was talking
    “Oh! hello Gregg” (no need to say *said Bert* because of what I said above)
    “How is your wife”
    “very good yours?”
    “not too bad, though she has a cold”
    “Oh that is too bad” Expressed Bert (it is good to give a reminder if there is a long conversation, people lose track
    “here comes Bernard”
    “Hello Bernard”
    “Hi Gregg hi Bert”

    I hope this helps. Other that this, the story seems interesting, and I cant wait to read the next chapter!


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      1. The weather here is crazy. One day it is snowing, and -7 C, and the next day it is raining and 8 C
        But there is supposed to be a large storm of -21 c coming soon. So it will be cold.
        It is nice living in NewBruswick though. We are right by the ocean, and it is really nice. Cold but nice.


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