Well Today I realized that I have wonderful people all around me but I wanted to acknowledge one of the most special to me. I have known Corrie for a whole yr but never really got to know her until this past month. We were joking about how we would write shameful posts about each other and while doing that a realized there was nothing bad about her, she is always there for me and helping me. We have bunches in common and she is always joking around having fun. I would be more then happy to meet her but we are so far away from each other. I used to hate not being able to see my wordpress friends but Corrie makes it worth it all. In fact she is so cool I want to copy her so bad! She inspired me with her contests and well just about everything she does inspires me! She is is creative and comes up with awesome ideas. If everyone in the world had a best friend like her they would all be lucky! I love My Best friend Corrie so next time you are going through your followers take time to appreciate your friends!

Miraculus Homeschool

-Sawyer The Crafty Art Girl

25 thoughts on “Corrie”

      1. I am not a fake, and yes i cannot come up with a nam ethat i like so i am trying different ones. I am actually 18 okay…..and online schoolong… god u kids r crazy


      2. Oh so sorryyyyy. Well I unfollowed you but may i at least comment on ur posts? Pweaseeee?


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