Open Contest 2: Voting

Splish Splash - Water drop photography - Shooting on a ...

Yes this is the contest voting post were we will all vote on which drawing we like best! Personally I think they are all great but each person can only vote one time! I want you to let me know if you have voted in the comments.

Spicy Pepper

This is a mutated Raptor Bird

Eagle Ram

this is a eagle ram anthro bird hybrid

Uno Karma

This is a Yellow Bellied dragon Salamander

La Cabra

the name is Galacticass

Arctic Lily

this is a Engield


This is a Bat Dragon

Cosmo Cherry

This is a coriandra

Above this is the poll you will vote in, now I should have the settings were you can only vote one time but even if not I trust you. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF .The poll ends after everyone has voted and even people who aren’t contesters can vote! Okay have fun picking! I know it was hard for me lol😂😉XD

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

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