My Camp money fund

hello everybody! Exactly 3 yrs ago I went to my first camp. I had heard many stories about mean counselors and always having to stay in cabins so I was really nervous. But it turns out I had the best time of my life! So I got to go again 2 more times. But soon we couldn’t afford it anymore. It is now about 300 dollars to go. Not including clothes and certain things i have to bring. So I have decided to raise my own money. and maybe if I get halfway my parents will pay the rest! I know you guys may be thinking. 300 dollars!?! Thats impossible. Besides I don’t have that much money. Well I don’t want that much right away. I would be grateful if you just gave me a dollar.

So here is how it works!:

my mom will post on facebook while I post on here. I will be selling dolls,paintings,jewelry, and whatever more I can find.

How you can help:

go to my site were I am selling my stuff here:

Check it out to see and find what you like. please don’t feel pressured to buy anything. But I feel like if everyone contributes, by next year I will have enough!

if you cant buy anything then please reblog!



19 thoughts on “My Camp money fund”

  1. I reposted it on my blog, good luck Sawyer, I would love to buy something, but I am not allowed, and as a boy, I don’t play with dolls and don’t have a need for art. But the best of luck to you though. Camp is the best!


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