The voting


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Okay here is the poll


41 thoughts on “The voting”

      1. I guess history, since I’m only taking math and history and it definitely isn’t math!


      2. Yes!! I know! I wake up at 7;00 and start school at 9;00. I am usually done by 12:00. I always leave math for the EndπŸ˜’
        I like History and English. English usually has the best essay topics!

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      3. Oh, I was just wondering. It says in the Bible that it is eternal Fire but so many of my friends just believe that god is a God of Love and he would never put someone in fire forever.
        Because of this no one fears God, We are supposed to fear God. I do believe that God loves us it also says that in the Bible. John 3;16 says it. I hope this can kinda help.

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