My Fun Busy Day

Well do you know how some busy days are stressful but some are fun! Well this was a fun busy day and I wanted to share it with you! Also tried to add humor, so beware.

Well I had to clean up after these squirts.

Goodness look how innocent they look.

Believe me they aren’t😑Just look at the mess.

Okay so next lemme see…..Oh yeah we finally burned a log along with a bunch a boxes and it was kinda like I bonfire! So cool.

I wasn’t sure how many to take and what setting to take them on.

I just realized, look at the sky! It is gorgeous.

This one is my favorite.


Next I walked my pregnant goat Lupe who is going to kid any day now! (meaning of kid) Means to give birth.

Look at the dog in the background lol.

She was so happy to be out……

….and curious.

Oops how did that cutie get there?🤔🤭

She did not like going back in the pen!😬 Who can spot the hidden Chihuahua in the picture?😋

I also found this cool feather! (duck feather and they are everywhere)lol.

Her eyes are like that because she just woke up.

I played with her a bunch. I also took the liberty of cleaning out the shipping container! I have no photos yet though. I hope you guys enjoyed! I plan on having another great day!

-Sawyer the Crafty Art Girl

8 thoughts on “My Fun Busy Day”

  1. Aw! The pictures of the animals are so cute (I think that about every animal, lol). After Lupe has her baby(ies), would love to see a pic of them (but that’s up to you)!


    1. hmmm no not yet, If it is a boy mom says we will have to eat him when he gets older so would not want to get attached. I am waiting to name whe they are born based on personality.


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