Art contest winner!

Okay so I had 5 people enter so that was enough to do the contest. Okay here are the votes.

Mia 0

GodzillaGirl 1

And the rest were all tied. So I had to do a second voting and here are the votes.

Sarah 1

creative skate 2

and Elicia 5

Good job Elicia! Sadly she will not be able to enter anymore contests. Okay so for the Quiz I did she gave the advantage away so I had to decide to who. I decided that Corrie SP gets it! Okay so she knows the advantages and I will have her tell me which one. The rules are the same as before! I need atleast 5 or more people to enter before I do the contest. The due date is June 26. The theme is Objects! Alright bye for now!

72 thoughts on “Art contest winner!”

    1. All you have to do is tell me you want to join. then after you draw this pic take a picture of it. Then you make a post about it and send me the link


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